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Happy Sunday, Everyone! πŸ˜™ As I promised in one of my latest posts, I'm going to share some pictures of my tiny studio today. I'm renting this place in the centre of Prague. I moved into this apartment in August 2019 and I immediately fell in love with its vibe. There's nothing like the original wooden flooring! It took some time for me to feel really 'at home' but I think I finally got there thanks to constantly making small adjustments (buying soft blankets, pillow cases, decorations, plants...). I always have ideas how to make it a bit more cozy here, also thanks to checking my Pinterest all the time, lol. Not so long ago, during the quarantine, I actually did some major re-arranging (moving furniture around, buying a desk etc.) and I'd say that I truly feel at home now! πŸ₯° Below are pictures of my place! For those who were wondering how I live, back in my hometown, here is a flat tour. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

... and so, she decided to start living the life she'd imagined.

Working from home recently made me re-think my space completely. I knew that I will need a proper desk and chairs - for my home office situation, and for dining as well. Until not so long ago, I only had a little 'bar' next to the kitchen, with two high bar chairs. That was fine for a short sit, but way too small for when I have a visit. Also my back hurt after sitting at it with my laptop all day. IKEA was ultimately the best choice. Always smart options, always quite cheap. I bought a white table (LINNMON, 120cm), two nice heavy chairs (NORDMYRA) , and, oh well - a nice black board for my lights and notes (SΓ–SDALA) and a zamioculcas plant that doesn't need that much sunlight back in the corner. Now my home office got into a whole new level, that I almost enjoy it! πŸ˜„
Every time I walk pass by any plant shop, I can't resist going in and taking a peek! Therefore, I always end up coming back home with a new plant. πŸ™ˆ These plants are from various places, and so are the pots. Just wish me luck caring for them! I didn't even know what plants I'm getting, I just liked the way they look! Well, I know there is a little bamboo, beautiful succulent... and that's about it. If you know the names of my plants, you are more than welcome to comment down below the post! Oh, and of course, books everywhere ... This amazing book about the best treking trails in the world is my friend's, but I'm not sure about returning it to him since it matches my flat color scheme so well! Haha! πŸ˜‰
I've always dreamt of having a standing mirror to be trying outfits by. Well, dreams do come true, sometimes you only have to wait a bit longer. I finally got it for myself at IKEA as well. It's this one. I put it right behind the door, next to the rack with my most favorite clothes. With the mirror standing right in the corner facing the whole room, it does give the flat a bit more spacious vibe. I put some lights around it and I'm honestly in love. πŸ’•
This is my little nostalgic corner. It's a dry flower bouquet that I once got and simply can't throw out, so I keep it as a decoration. The white vintage frame is from an antique shop for a ridiculous $2 !! And of course, I had to put my favorite photographer's picture in it. Helmut Newton, The Lovers. That picture means so much to me, that I had it printed. Oh, and a lovely himalayan salt candle that I got from my friend Kristyna as a 'new home' gift. 
Plants, plants, plants. There will be many more soon I'm sure. πŸŒ±
I love to keep it quite simple. I hate over-decorating. Less is more I think, in a minimalistic space with a wooden floor, I'm trying to keep the colors earthy and soft, and only use objects that match it. Can't go wrong with a white candle, copper or bamboo decorations, ... The sheets are from IKEA (of course) and yeah, I have this cute little avocado to keep me company. πŸ₯‘
Magazines have always been a huge part of my life. I'm a writer so it's inevitable for me to buy, keep and collect various magazines. I still buy paper magazines when going to the doctor's office (for when I'm in the waiting room) or for my train trips, vacations etc. Can't beat the lovely smell of a freshly printed magazine.
These black picture frames are also from IKEA. I collect random old black and white pictures. You can see some of my favorite Helmut Newton's photos, and the rest, these were found in various antique bookshops all around Prague. I never miss any paper box with old photos for sale. I think these are from plays or black and white movies, but I'm not completely sure. I loved their vibe, that's why I bought them. πŸ˜Š
There are magazines, notebooks and all different books on my bookshelf. I haven't moved all my books from my parent's house yet, but I'm planning to make it pretty full soon.
There is this little copper frame that I bought on sale about a year ago. I loved it and I thought it would look amazing on my wall. I hung my favorite photos and poscards there (also found in an antique bookshop). And yes, that gold plated plant is indeed a mistletoe left from last Christmas.
Last time I went to IKEA, I saw this cute little foldable bed table. And I got it because I thought it's super convenient to have something to make a breakfast in bed on. I used it many times already, for watching a movie, eating peanuts or popcorn on it. Avocado approves.
I didn't go too crazy on the Fall decorations this year, YET! πŸ˜ƒ Been busy spending money on traveling honestly. But when I saw these little pumpkins for about $1 / each, I simply had to get the three of them. The candle is Bath and Body Works - Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - I was delighted to find out last year, that you can get them in Prague too!
And this is my tiny little cozy kitchen that I cook in. It's actually perfect and enough for now. 
This vintage watering can is a heritage from my grandma who loved plants and gardening. I found it in the basement last year, and kept it for my apartment. I guess that was also an impulse to continue her love for all things green. πŸŒΏ
As for lights, I kinda like the paper look from IKEA. I was trying to match the 'chandelier' with a lamp to keep the same vibe. It works perfectly - I like a nice intimate light, rather than too bright.
Finally got myself a hand made dream catcher and hung it right by my bed. Does it work? Well, we shall see! My friend thinks though, that all the bad dreams will get stuck in the circle so I should shake it from the window once in a while! πŸ˜ƒ
One of the newest plant crew members in my apartment. Wish me and monstera luck! I need to buy a nice pot for her still, wondering what color I should go for. Maybe a bamboo one? Or white? πŸ€”
It was a love at first sight with this hand made basket! I originally wanted to use it as a pot for my plants but then I kinda liked the look of it right by the rack with clothes. I keep hangers and my crossbody purse in it for now, but maybe I will have some other plans with it later.
Decorative vase and some of the stones I found when traveling.
I can feel the Autumn coming ...
Perfumes. πŸ’• And a souvenir from Karlovy Vary.
I love my green corner so much! πŸ’š I spray the plants every morning to make sure they have the right humidity and can grow bigger happily. The bamboo plate is from - guess? IKEA! And the turquoise table was such a steal - I went to a charity event and got it for just $3! Still can't believe it, I was very lucky!
Lights, lights, and more lights! I'm a Christmas junkie. And that translates like a 'lights junkie'. I need led lights on at all times, throughout the year. In my opinion, it adds coziness to any place. I buy random lights that run on a battery and place them really just anywhere. This set ended up being wrapped around the pots in my plant corner.
I call this my 'esoteric corner'. Tarot cards (that I have been reading and practising for almost a year now) are always handy. A little candle plate from from Izrael that I got as a souvenir from my friend (sadly I broke it in two halfs and had to glue it together), a golden candle, some personal stones (amethyst and rose quartz) and more cards...
Here you can see the lovely yellow-ish light that comes from my IKEA paper lamp. Love it!
I'm obsessed with all shades of pink, beige and off white currently (and been about a year now). What a great staple piece, each of them! I only use wooden hangers for this white rack. Both bought at IKEA.
And this is the hall. There are two doors - one goes to the restroom and the second one goes to the bathroom. I'm so glad these two are separate. I will not show these rooms to keep some privacy but they are very tiny and very cute as well. Love the paint color in my hall. The frames are I believe both from IKEA.
When I moved here, I knew there was no oven (not much room for one either). But because I love baking too much, I managed to buy a little mini oven that fits just fine. I baked Christmas cookies in it last year and many many cakes since then. I recommend!
My treasure box. I keep some lovely memories in it (photos and stuff...).
In the hall, there is a huge closet with a mirror for my clothes. Next to it, there is this shoe organizer that I find very handy. I usually keep only seasonal shoes out. A few weekends ago I actually organized and cleaned all my shoes and now it feels like I have so many new options! 
These 3 cuties were sold as a limited edition of mugs at IKEA so I don't think you can get them anymore. But I like them just as a decoration, never actually drank from them.
And that's it. That's my apartment. I will talk to you next week, take care y'all. XO Zuzana

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