Leaves & Flannel

I feel like Autumn arrived the same quick as it's now leaving... This season always seems so short to me, maybe because I love it of all the seasons the most. The nature will soon have its white coat that all Christmas junkies have been impatiently waiting for since at least Halloween (I'm one of them you know it). This Fall has been beautiful for me. Truly special. I managed to do many outdoor activities including picking colorful leaves and making art of them, sunbathing in the Autumn sun by the river, breathing in the crisp morning air while camping in a van, oh and doing many trips to the mountains and simply being fascinated by all the different colors that trees have this time of the year. 🍂 I feel so very lucky that I have such a wonderful companion to share it with this year. 

Interesting fact: I read somewhere that all human beings are a mixture of the 5 closest people they hang out with. Including family, friends, co-workers etc... They say that we adopt their view of life, habits - good and bad, behavior, moods, manners in general... even lifestyle or opinions. Do you think this is true? If it is, the more carefully we should choose the people in our lives, the people we are surrounded by on a daily basis. xx Zuzana

Photos taken on iPhone by Renata Dalecka.

Wearing checkered jacket & black pants from Zara and Vans sneakers.

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