Waiting for Godot

Looking at these lovely photos that my friend Renata took this Summer... It gives me all the feels... These are some bittersweet memories - that time of my life that has been captured and will forever be remembered through this truly stunning red dress. Only I know how I felt taking these photos, and only some of my closest friends know what was going on in my life that time of the year, and - oh well - the whole year and a half before. 

'Life repeats itself mindlessly - unless you become mindful, it will go on repeating like a wheel.' - Osho

We all need to stop complaining about life being so tough. We do it way too often and don't realize that we're responsible for that, somewhat. Life is hard, of course. But most importantly, life is what you make it, like it or not. It's about your choices and nothing else. And if they are constantly poor, they will sooner or later turn into just good life lessons and nothing more. The truth hurts too. Sometimes we choose our faith voluntarily, sometimes we think we've been destined to live a shitty life for a higher purpose. Been there. The truth is, all that is happening to us is a part of our journey and it's a necessary path to take for us to become who we're meant to be.

I thought about writing here some current bits quite often in the past few months. And now, somehow, I feel like it’s an important step to do so, to finally and definitely close one chapter of my life as I'm already starting a new one. I've been taking some time in the healing process, but now it's time to thank for the lessons and let go forever. Be happy. Be loved. That's my genuine wish for you. xx Zuzana

Photos by Renata Dalecka.

Wearing Sinsay dress, Dolce Vita sandals & knit crossbody.

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