My Cozy Holiday Wishlist | feat. Rihoas

What's your favorite winter color? Do you have one? 

Somehow, it is white for me and it has always been. The color of snow. It simply evokes Christmas time in my nostalgia-driven mind. Everyone looks great in white, as well as in black. These two colors make for such great staples in our wardrobe. 🤍 So versatile, so practical (oh well, white in the fall mud isn't necessarily the top of practical but hey, washing mashine will always fix it...). White color is my home office go-to as well, as you might have guessed... 😌

In a collaboration with this old movie inspired, sustainably-thinking brand called Rihoas I'm bringing you this Christmas wishlist full of white (and off white) goodies for the upcoming Holiday season! Rihoas was established in Hong Kong in 2020 and offers unique retro fashion pieces. Unusual patterns, fabrics and techniques, all that and more. My collage includes the items that were a love at first sight for me, and I think they would shine bright in my wardrobe not only this season. Not so surprisingly I picked the color white as my winter inspiration. Snowflakes! ❄️ It's a color of minimalism and you can never go wrong with that. White knits are such cozy must-haves. Everyone needs one in their wardrobe. Keep warm while watching TV at home (check out these comfy pants!) and even when you're out and about running errands (in this stunning puffer jacket!) before the Holiday spirit touches your home. Let me know what your faves are from my wishlist! Stay cozy and chic, of course! XO Zuzana

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