The Warmest Christmas Wishes

It will be so easy to stay warm and comfy this season now that I got the dreamiest fluffy pair of pants. I swear I have never touched a fabric so soft! ❄️ When I was ordering these one-size pants on Rihoas, I thought they would look great with some vintagey sweater. These guys are true experts on bringing the retro vibe back in every single item they make. Love me some traditional knit button-up sweater with a collar and ruched sleeves. The knitwear I got is so versatile, you can tie it to a bow in the front or just tuck it in your pants... I tried it on with a black roll-neck under it the other day, and it looked oh-so-retro too. Love! 🤍 Plus, you can easily pull this two-piece outfit off for a Holiday night out as well. Just dress it up with some jewels and heels.

My boyfriend took these cozy pictures for me the other day. I love these moody photos... it shows exactly the Holiday spirit I'm in and I want to stay in until the end of the year. Lazy-ish, lots of lights everywhere, cookie baking, candle burning etc... What have you all been up to these days? I guess probably the same as me, if you're celebrating Christmas... getting last details ready, gift wrapping, thinking about what you'll cook and serve, what you'll wear, who you'll visit and when... hopefully you are enjoying this pleasant rush and not overthinking everything. Make the best of this time of the year! 🌲 Merry Christmas, friends! XO Zuzana

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  1. You are a beautiful Goddess. I love your beautiful and well-groomed feet. I could look at them endlessly.


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