I Make Beaded Jewelry

Hello! I would love to invite you to check out my Etsy shop. 📿 Not so long ago, I got back to my jewelry making passion (If you know me for a while, you know...) and I am currently creating new pieces, when I have free time. All of them are unique and one of a kind. You can find all my work at @violkabeads Instagram as well. Feel free to request a custom piece if you desire a unique handmade bracelet, pair of earrings or necklace made with love from me. 💗

This red pair of beaded earrings is one of my latest creation. I had a very creative mind that day, and wanted to make something really extra, that would make a statement at first sight. Let me know what you think. I was thinking of maybe doing these in many different colors if you guys were interested.

Everyting I am wearing in this post was thrifted.

Photos by Vlastimil Vybíhal.

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