Visiting Malaga, Spain

Oh, I had this travel post ready like almost two years ago, but I have never finished it. Well, now is the right time. It feel like I was there yesterday, and I would surely go back in a heartbeat. My very first time visiting Spain, and I fell in love. With food, the blue sea views, Spanish culture and fashion. I must say though, travelling to Malaga in a HOT HOT 🌞 Summer (July 2022) was a definition of HOT, LOL. So, perfect for hanging out on the beach, but you are going to be sweating your everything off walking aound the city...

Here are some more photos ... 🌊
We rent a car for the whole trip. A guy from the car rent was waiting for us at the airport. It was so amazing being able to drive anywhere, I would definitely recommend this service!
Oh, the churos wih chocolate dip were amazing!
This is how our Airbnb looked like...
Went for a walk the next morning. There was a mist everywhere and it was so humid. I mean SO humid!
Really enjoyed exploring the city...
We explored a few little towns around Malaga. One of them was Frigiliana. I especially loved the white uniform of all houses. It looked so cozy, inviting and clean. What a beautiful little miraculous place in the mountains. Go there if you are around.
This was a homemade chicken soup that we got offered when we sat down at a local place. It was probably the absolute best soup I have ever tried, no kidding.
Some beaches were absolutely empty. You just need to drive a bit further from Malaga...
These beaches are close to Marbella.
Marbella gives such a luxe vibe. Honestly, wow! I could just walk these streets every day and admire the gorgeous villas there...
IF you like plants and flowers, do not miss seeing the wonderful Botanical garden of Malaga.
These views never get old.
And this felt like we hit the jackpot. We got a bit tired of the city vibe (we stayed downtown Malaga), and so we booked two nights at an Airbnb in Alcaucín. It is up north in the mountains about 50 minutes from Malaga. And it is so worth it. Perfect for hiking, and chilling.
A few artistic photos from the pool..
Still Alcaucín.
Let me know if you have any questions regarding our trip. XO, Zuzi

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