Be Cute When The Leaves Start Falling ❤

This picture of a super cute and stylish Japanese girl taking a selfie in the mirror has been my fashion inspiration for such a long time! And, honestly, japanese fashion creations never get old! You are still fine with this look in the fall 2014! Believe it or not but I was actually able to match the whole outfit at - CLICK! How cool is that? I think this is just so KAWAIII! Let it inspire you and put on some classic white blouse with a bow (let it hang from the pinky sweater). Black floral skirt will remind you of the summer a little bit, but you are still keeping it autumnish with a hat, above knee socks and warm boots. Let's give this romantic look a try! Perfect for a date or if you just need to catch somebody's eye.
Shop this look at - CLICK!

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3 komentářů

  1. That is an amazing collage. Love it! Lisa

  2. Lovely sweater and awesome picks Miss!


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