Getting Ready For The Cold Days

This fall I will keep myself warm with custom Zazzle Hoodie and an amazing pair of White Plum leggings! Both these pieces are super comfortable and popular! I love hoodies without zipper and I wanted one really cute for this season! (So I can be ridiculous(ly KAWAII)! Then I was wondering if I can actually design my own hoodie and put a picture that I love on it. I went through some pages and Zazzle absolutely won. It was super eaasy and quick (you seriously just put the photo on the hoodie virtually, yup, just like that!) and I got my hoodie in a few days - wow! 
Zazzle customized hoodie, WhitePlum leggings, Nero Giardini shoes and wig from Amazon.

If you are a leggings lover too, so am I, definitely take a look at THIS site. White plum is quality and comfort. When you put your leggings on, you won't believe how comfortable it can be! If I haven't ordered this pair, I would probably go for this vintage flower one! Well, there is always next time, right? The following pictures are taken inside as if I would go out like this here in Florida, I would most likely spontaneously combust. LOL No no, I gotta say that it is finally cooling down here! September is a very rainy month, but you still don't need a jacket yet. It can be kinda chilly during the winter they say though, so better be ready! xoxo

I just wanted a cute panda on my clothes and nothing else. O:-) I've been adoring this kawaii face for years! Zazzle's got some really great fashion items you can use for your design - for example shirts, already mentioned hoodies, and for leggings lovers - you can design your own pair here as well! This hoodie is from American Appearel and it's a great material, approved!
Let's see what else we need to personalise. There are so many options! Christmas is slowly coming so it's time to get the shopping done early. So I thought that it would be just a lovely idea to give my parents some mugs or a pillow with our favourite family picture on it.
With this purchase, I also ordered two personalised postcards, because I couldn't resist. I wanted to see how it's going to look like. The paper is very thick and I love the feeling of having my own picture of the Cocoa beach on the postcard! Isn't it great? Rilakkuma, I will probably keep you and don't send to anyone as you are just stinkin' cute! 
If you order anything from Zazzle, make sure you share it on Instagram because you can win 50 bucks store credit and it would definitely make your day!

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  1. The hoodie is adorable! You're absolutely gorgeous, and I love the outfit, especially the boots!


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