emo for a week or two

I promised myself (like billion times) that I WILL NOT dye my hair at home, by myself, and what more, that I WILL NOT (just NOT) try out any new hair colors from drugstores. NOT even when the picture looks more than desired. "Platinum blonde". Yeah, right. Guess what happened. I broke the promise and now I'm walking around with purple-blue-grey-ish hair. My friend started calling me "emo". Great. Haha. This time, I went for a new hair color that I have never seen before and it gave me mustard yellow hair. Thanks a lot. I already got all shades of yellow, but not the mustard one yet. So the same day I decided to go to Sally's and get the T18 Wella Toner that everyone relishes so much on the internet. Boom! BOOM! Pow! Blue hair. Or grey? And I followed all the rules and instructions, my friends. Good thing is, that it's slowly but surely washing out as every hair color does. Phew! So that's just to explain why my hair looks "different" in these photos. Yeah, let's just call it different. And at the end, I kinda like to be different. 
Crop top - H&M, lace shorts - Marshalls, choker and creepers - Aliexpress, earrings - Zaful, bike - Walmart.

Time to shave my head and take out my wigs... Nooope. Just kidding.
Anyway, for our bike ride I decided for this cute patterned crop top from H&M ($4) and combined it with my new lace shorts from Marshalls ($9.99). Since I'm already an emo, my creepers and black choker won't surprise you I guess? The bike ride was fun and making these pictures even better. I made a new friend, this cute neighbor's cat that spotted us and immediatelly crossed the street to get some attention. I love cats! ♥

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  1. I'm in love with those shorts !


  2. Nice outfit and I loved the cat :) xx


  3. It seems your friend never seen emo ;)

    You look adorable and cute, as always..and that bike is awesome! Send us two to Prague =D

    Btw., nice redesign of blog =), I like it!

    enjoy perfect weekend, Suzy,

    Hugs and kisses,


  4. LOL!!
    I say the same thing everytime yet I still "sell" to myself the conveince of doing my own hair color...even though I almost always have to have it fixed so really, it's not that conveinent.

    Anyway, you're lucky because you are gorgeous and can totally rock this bluish/blondish/emo/hipster vibe ;)

    Love your top too!


  5. Tvoje fotky jsou vždycky úžasný! Strašně ti to sluší!


  6. I used to experiment a lot with hair colours when I was younger...and I always dyed my hair at home- the results were varying:)

    I actually like your hair colour, it seems to be something between blond and silver- and isn't silver hair all the rave right now?

    anyhow, you look fabulous....I love that cropped top and lace shorts combo! cute photos as well!


  7. My goodness, those shorts are super cute; you are WORKING them! Love the choker and your lipstick too :D




  8. I'm have recently bleached my hair twice so I can try out different colors too. I guess it's not emo anymore because everyone else is doing it lol You look gorgeous and your cat is adorable :)

    Miss Eleigh Neux | Bloglovin

  9. Great outfit


  10. Amazing photos!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographe Gil Zetbase

  11. Susy, your outfit is cute and luckily hair grows out... I colored my dark auburn hair blonde once in my 20's... it turned out more orange... it was the last time I have ever stripped color out of my hair myself... I do self color at times and even then I have had to have the hair dresser fix it up ... I try to have someone do it so that I don't make it worse xox.... we all live and learn xox

  12. Amazing photos *.* You look very great. Following?
    Welcome to me.


  13. Your hair actually looks really cute! Lovely outfit :) xx

  14. Such a lovely lovely photos!!
    You are so beautiful!


  15. I love the 90s vibe of your outfit here! I also think your hair looks really cool like that! Change is always good, whether we intend for change or not!

    xx Chrystin


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