Classic Check Poncho

Hands down, poncho is the best warming cover-up option here in Florida! Most of the time, it's simply too warm for a proper feather jacket but sometimes even too cold for wearing a sweater only! I got my dream poncho as a gift (with my initials on it) and I want to wear it all the time now! My mom totally killed it though, when she called it a blanket on Skype, lol. It is not a blanket, mom! (I'm pretty sure she used to have a checkered blanket back in the days and now she's got that funny association!)
It was my 26th Birthday yesterday and this was my #ootd! We went to Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch and then to the mall, just to see what's new. I didn't buy anything though. Not a thing caught my attention and I only buy things that I love, not like. There's a big difference and if you start thinking this way, you'll save a lot of money for the right stuff you actually want! Do I feel 26? Nope! I feel like I'm stuck at the age of seventeen. Seriously. I don't even know how this happened, that so many years passed by and I'm standing here, picking my first anti-wrinkle eye cream soon. Ha! Good thing that you're only as old as you feel! *wink* ...Now, excuse me, we're gonna watch Lost (it got me hooked and I can't stop) and eat a delicious pumpkin pie that my babe made! Cheers! ♥
Long sleeve asymmetric sweater - Romwe, blue denim - Burlington, multi-colored poncho with initials - a gift (similar here or here), horn necklace and bracelet - etsy, suede over-the-knee-boots - SammyDress, sunnies - Nine West, Selma handbag - Michael Kors.

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    That poncho looks very pretty on you! They're soooo cozy, but they look more traditional than stylish on me.VEGETARIAN COURTESYFACEBOOK

  2. great outfit

    new post

  3. Beautiful look! Love the poncho!


  4. Again, congrats my beloved Suzy to you still look like a 18yrs old girl =) and I like it.
    Btw., poncho is perfect, you should wear it on more outfit posts!

    Can't wait to spend some time with you when you'll be back in Prague for a while,

  5. That poncho is so gorgeous, such a well put together outfit! x

  6. I'm in love with this cape unique and inimitable
    I love your style and your blog too.
    Visit mine if you want
    many kisses

  7. Gorgeous look! Loving the colors :)

  8. not alot of people can pull offf the poncho look! Gorgeous!

  9. gorgeoud look!!


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