Sporty Spice

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! ♥ It's the time of the year, again! The families are getting together to eat lots and lots of food! (Don't forget to set your scales back 10 lbs NOW! You're welcome! LOL) Me and my special one will be eating Tofurky slices instead of Turkey (Shout-out to all vegetarians reading this!) and just chill for the day... Sounds like a plan, hm? It's so great to have some time off and be able to bake Christmas cookies and enjoy the atmosphere of love & coziness together with your close ones! This week, I officially started my cookie baking! YES! What's on the list for this year? Definiely Vanocka (if you don't know how it looks like, wait for it!), Vanilla rolls, jam sandwiches from Linecke dough, Ischel's cakes, Bee's nests, Drunk Izidor (Yes, there's some booze in this one!) and of course - Gingerbreads! All these cookies are made according to my Czech grandma's traditional recipes! I keep posting some pics on my Instagram story (@thekawaiiplanet) as it's all in the progress now - check it out!

But I got too excited about all the baking, that I almost forgot to mention how much I love my new two piece midi dress in purple that I'm wearing in this post today! ♥ Not only you can wear both pieces as the coolest separates, but they also look totally AH-MAZING together as a set! So comfy! Loving the stripes, cute hood and pockets! Spice it up with your favorite pair of sneakers and choker! (This one was made by my friend, blogger Brittany and you can wear it multiple ways!) I'm kind of falling for 'sporty chic' this season! Sorry not sorry! Now excuse me, I'm off to watch The Elf and The Grinch! ♥

Two piece midi dress - StyleWe, white sneakers - Roshe One from Nike, black tie choker - ShopDaydreamStudio, bronze metallic watch made from Tyvek - PappWatch, backpack - Botkier, bracelet - Marlyn Schiff (Zou Zou Boutique), earrings - gift.

Thanks to Brittany for taking my pics! ♥

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7 komentářů

  1. Suzy I like the sporty deep purple midi skirt... you look so very cute xox...

    Happy Thanksgiving, it sounds like you totally enjoyed the day. I used to bake a lot at Christmas... they were fun times... I would love to start doing it again this year... xox

  2. super cute outfit! <3

  3. I had a great thanksgiving too. All that baking is getting me thinking of doing some myself. It's truly a magical time of the year and you look perfect in that purple outfit. I love it!

  4. Definitely love the holidays for the food and specially the desert.

  5. So in love with this sporty outfit <3
    Your eyelashes look amazing :O

  6. You look lovely! I really like your hair! :) xx

  7. Absolutely love this look!! It looks so good on you!! Also am obsessed with the new hair, it is to die for!!!! <3

    <3 Britt


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