Visiting Gatorland in Orlando!

Hi Guys! I've got a travel post for you today! Even though I've now lived in Orlando for almost three years, I've never made it to most of the autenthic Florida theme parks yet (just Universal Studios so far)! So when my friend from Czech republic, Tereza, visited me for a week, I thought we should go ahead and explore some cool places together! After having my wisdom tooth surgery the same week she landed (uh oh - I know!), I needed to do something low key - so we had to postpone roller coaster craziness for the next time, and decided to take a relaxing trip to the wild nature! Gatorland it was! In one day, we actually managed much more, and still kept it pretty low key! I included my vlog at the end of the post as well! I hope that this can be inspiring for all of you, who happen to be in this area sometimes in the future! Remember: Make each day count! I have to say that it felt so great to be a little tourist and showing my friend around! It was Tereza's very first time in America, so I introduced her to my favorite and most popular American dishes as well! On this adventurous day, we started our day off right with an iHop breakfast! ♥ Wondering what else we ended up doing?
 Watch out for gatorrrrs!
We really enjoyed this wooden boardwalk with a lake view. The weather was absolutely amazing and there were not so many other visitors since we got there early in the morning right when they opened!
::: Harry P Leu Gardens :::
A nice walk in the gardens is always a great idea! I was happy to show Tereza where I usually go to clean my head and breathe in some fresh air. You have to fall in love with this place and all the beautiful plants and trees, stunning lake view & peaceful vibe. Recommended for all people who love QUIET!

I had to eat soft food for a week so I went for the banana-nutella pancakes and Tereza ate a strawberry-vanilla toast! YUMMY! It's such a sweet bomb, but it definitely gave us the necessary energy for the day! 
There is a special area with butterfly cocoons & already born butterflies that are so freely flying all around you! I've never seen anything more beautiful! Just try putting your head in the air and maybe one of them will land on your palm! It happened to us and it's unforgettable! ♥
Grass is literally greener at Harry P Leu Gardens! Makes you wanna camp there! If only you could...

Gatorlad in Orlando, Florida
This place is awesome! We had so much fun just hanging out there with the gators and watching other wild animals! Gatorland obviously won't be an ideal stop for someone who is freaking out just over a picture with a gator though! They are everywhere and you can feed them, take a photo with them etc.! I feel like this park is a must-see if you've come to visit Florida from far away! This pretty much sums up our culture and life down here! 
Little baby gators waiting for some snack! Better watch your step! ;)
We were asked at the front door, whether we want to touch gators today...? Umm, nope, thanks very much! We just managed to take a snap with this fake gator though and that's totally cool with us! 
Three-headed dragons exist! 
Someone needs a dentist!

This boarwalk felt like we're on a safari trip. I'd even think for a while, that I'm not in a theme park, but real wild nature!
You would never think that birds are gator's besties. They don't mind each other at all and live in a pure symbiosis! More likely you will see a bird fight over a piece of bread than a gator attack!
So awesome having my Czech friend here with me! Too bad it was only for a week!

Boat Trippin' in Winter Park
Last boat was leaving at 4PM on this day, and we made it right on time! Yay! This was an awesome experience! It was actually so busy, that they had to send 4 boats at the same time! Wind in your hair & sneak peaking on some gianormous rich people's houses as the boat cruises around all the little lakes & canals in Winter Park! My cup of tea! ;)

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  1. I am positive I don't want to touch a gator at all... lol ... but I would totally love to see the butterflies, it would be amazing to have one land on me... how amazing that must be xox


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