Fishnet Sweater & Denim Shorts

Hi babes! ♥ How is everyone doing? Thanks for always coming back to my blog! I appreciate every single one of you & the time you take to read my posts! Here comes my new fashion look! Of course it includes wearing my favorite Summer item - denim shorts! I haven't worn these for a while and that was a huge mistake - I LOVE THEM! They are just enough distressed - not too much, not too little, they have the perfect color blue, and they make your legs look skinnier! Shout out to One Teaspoon! They indeed know how to make clothes!

And what did I add to this heavenly denim pair of shorts? I had to give a test wear to one of my recent Romwe purchases - beige fishnet sweater! This is probably the only sweater I can wear in Florida righ now, LOL! It's obviously breezy and super light weight! You can either wear it with a cute sporty or lace bralette, or throw on a tank top under it, if you don't want to feel too exposed! I've been wearing this comfy grey bralette for a couple of months now, and it's holding up pretty well! I'm impressed! Also, I took my thick gold choker out after quite a while, and paired it with my tall gladiator sandals! Let me know if you like this look and how you'd personally wear this cute sweater! Happy Thursday, XOXO. ♥

Beige sweater - Romwe, denim shorts - One Teaspoon, golden choker - Forever 21, gladiator sandals - Catherine Malandrino, Warren blush backlack - Botkier, bralette - Commando, mirror aviator sunglasses - Giant Vintage.

All the pictures were taken by amazing & talented Aubrie from Lovely&Luxe! Thank you love! ♥

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  1. Your beige Romwe fishnet sweater, grey bralette, and blue denim shorts make up a lovely hot weather outfit - I love the look. The red-mirror aviator sunnies look nice with your OOTD and pretty red lipstick.


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