I'm Back?

Happy almost Spring, everyone! I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I last posted an article here on my blog. You don't even know how many times I've thought of writing a few words, uploading some photos or just updating you on how my fashion addict spirit is doing. I was planning posts and new videos, but I always ended up not finishing it for various reasons. The thing is... I simply miss being a part of this amazing blog sphere and sharing my fashion eye with you, my audience. So I want to do what I love. AGAIN. Finally. I'm sorry I disappeared to those who have always been coming back, wondering what's up. I hope I can make up for it in the future by being more active here.
So let me welcome you back with this look I put together. For a cold February day last weekend, I went for a layered outfit that kept me warm and cozy. I was desperately needing a coffee on the way to the photoshoot, so I grabbed one at my favorite place and then we took a few pictures. Most of the items that I'm wearing were bought for a ridiculously low price during the January sales. Now I should be done shopping for a while. (Yeah, rightttt...)
Mustang style jacket - Bershka, biker pants - New Yorker, chambray shirt, all jewelry & Sunday tee - Sinsay, black ankle boots - Mohito (I tuned them a little bit by cutting a faux fur off), burgundy scarf - House Brand, beret - Romwe, backpack - Botkier, the red headband became a part of this by accident and is the photographer's.)

(PS: What do you think about this women's denim jacket?)

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3 komentářů

  1. YAYYYYYY!!! So glad to see you’re back love!! Can’t wait to see so much more! ♡Britt

  2. Happy Spring to you as well!
    I love the rainbow colour 'sunday' graphic on your tee and the chambray shirt you styled over it.
    You look very happy, extremely pretty, and your outfit photos are great.
    Welcome back!!!


  3. You look, Lady, so beautiful and elegant that I would fall at your feet, at your boots.


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