It's Giving Italy

Un gelato, per favore. 🍦 I love Italy. I think I fell in love with Italy when I was around 9 and went to a Summer camp there. I remember visiting Rimini and Ravenna, enjoying the sea, beach, sunny days, worrying about nothing. But only when I grew up a little and went back there, I was able to appreciate the real genuine beauty of this country - including food, architecture, and passionate hearts of the Italians. Throughout the years, in my adulthood, I visited Rome, Macerata and surrounding areas, Lago Di Garda and Dolomites. My dream is to see Lago di Como soon!

I would so love to go back there this year, hopefully I can make it. ⛱️🌞 When you say Italy, it instantly gives me butterflies, I imagine a peaceful Summer by the water. Summer means Italy to me. And that is why I got Italy vibes when doing this photoshoot on the first hot day of the season. 

My whole outfit is thrifted (mostly on Vinted), except the green Reserved top. 

Photos by Vlastimil Vybíhal

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