Kawaii Stuff Haul In Ross & Marshalls

Guess what I really love about living in America? Designer brands for unbelievably cheap prices! I mean like, you just cannot compare it to shopping at some places in Europe, or at least, where I used to be shopping. It makes difference to me to do a haul in Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Imagine all these pieces of clothes (that you can see below) were all around $5. Some of them are hanging in my closet already... YESSSS!

This super cute pastel pink transparent blouse was a "must-have"! I usually dont wear this type of shirt normally, I tie it to a little kawaii bow as you can see. Matches perfectly with a skirt (as you can see) - this one is from Zara from my home town. Or you can wear it with jeans or any shorts too! I can imagine also having a maxi skirt or dress under this amzing piece. Dont forget that long sleeved shirt is very variable. There is many ways and ideas how to wear a shirt and not to be boring. You can play with its sleeves lenght (roll them up or leave them down) as well as how many buttons you actually use. Q: Should I button the top button of my collared shirt? A: If you want to look more serious for a job interview, then yes. I usually keep it free-style. See this article I found, thumbs up, young lady!

Mhmm, pardon my creepy looking tiny pony tail, its kinda tough making it the right way if you have short hair. I am trying hard and I am constantly loosing my hair bands lol. Back to this white lace top now! I ADORE lace! I am a big lace fan and I also love to have nude back with a bit of transpareny. This is just the best combination and nothing beats the price. Theres no lace in the front, just white cotton if you were wondering... Q: What type of bra should I wear with this type of top? A: No bra. LOL. Yeah, sounds like me, I am a huge bra hater, but I also have small boobs so I can afford it. For those who need a bra, I would recommend this type
"In love with this red top!" I love short shirts (especially in the summer here in Florida), but this is even more! It can be a bra, or a top for evening - you can also put another shirt over it and still see the lace thru in your bossom ... or you can use it for working out as it holds the boobs really good plus you will look super stylish and sexy when running. I just love unusual pieces of clothes.
This (yeah, lace again) top reminded me my childhood so much! Look at those little sparkly diamonds in pastel colors. The same used to be on my Barbies dress when I was a little girl! You could easily DO IT YOURSELF if you are patient and love diy projects. Just get a lace shirt and few fake diamonds. I bet you can buy it in Hobby Lobby or probably also toy shops.
This cute shirt was "love at first sight". I mentioned I LOVE short tops, right? Also love stripes and pink color in all shades. So... I knew this one is going to be mine after only trying it in the changing rooms.
You can see more pictures of this shirt on my Instagram
Florida-celebrating shirt is a must-have if youre living here and are enjoying the amazing weather. I dont mind blue but Iwould prefer pink lol. This shirt is actually really comfortable and fits perfectly! Summer in such a warm environment just calls for a top like this. And this top calls me lady of course.

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