Miami Outfit

Have you seen my photo diary from Miami yet? If not, click HERE. If yes, click HERE anyways because there's never enough beach and blue sky photos, right? ^^ When walking the Miami streets, I was still keeping it cutesy. Even if it was blazing hot, I wore a long sleeve shirt because I didn't want to get sun burn. It happens real quick here in Florida! You're red before you know it. Love my kawaii jeans overall as it matches with almost everything. My Rilakkuma loves it too as he's got a great view from the front pocket. Haha. xo

JollyChic striped shirt, Marshalls jeans overall, Hello Kitty back pack from Ross, sunglasses from Lindex and Rilakkuma phone case from Amazon.

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  1. LOVE YOUR TOP!It makes a perfect pair with your overal.Just found your blog and I love it,thanks for sharing your personal style!Lily


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