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It's been a while since I last had contact lenses in my eyes. When I was a kid, my eyes were kinda messed up. I had to wear a dioptric glasses the whole childhood and I remember hating it so bad because the other kids were making fun of me in the kindergarten and later at the school. My eyes got better and better with age though, and I was so thankful when my doctor said "You can take them off for good finally." I remember trying different contact lenses at one period of time and I liked it a lot but then I ended up not wearing anything. Anyways, I feel like I could probably use some contact lenses now as I stare a lot to my laptop and I don't recognize my family. LOL Just kidding. 
Olive green lenses from UNIQSO, wig from HairTrade, hair band from Best-Eshop.

Protecting your eyes is so important! What I decided to do is to order one pair of green contact lenses from UNIQSO (I've read some great reviews on their e-shop) and gave it a try to see how it feels in my eyes. These Olive Green lenses I selected are super comfortable and perfectly highlight my natural green-grey-ish eyes! (Plus makes my eyes much bigger!) Love it! I will probably slowly go back to dioptric lenses because it does not bother my eyes at all and I can't imagine wearing glasses on a daily basis at all. In the warm climate especially, if you're forced to wear sunglasses most of the time, and if you go swimming often, glasses can be a solution just for calm evenings (I have one pair of glasses, just waiting to show you one day...). I prefer contact lenses though!
Halloween is coming so if you are looking for some contact lenses to go with your costume, one of these on UNIQSO might be a good solution. (CLICK for their Halloween Promotion)
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PS: The lovely blonde wig is from www.hairtrade.com!

Kinda like the huge line around the lenses. It makes your eyes look much bigger and highlight the contures.
Loved how it matches with my new hair band from BestE-shop!
And this is my natural color for you to compare! So, you see that with the contact lenses my eyes are just more catchy and expressive!
I'm wondering how this pair of OLIVE GREEN lenses would look with your natural blue eyes. Has anyone ever tried? Let me know. I'm going for blue eyes next time!

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  1. Those looks so pretty! I have green eyes, but I always wished I had blue, so I've been contemplating trying these!

    - MeYouAndHayleyLarue.com


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