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Hi There! How's everyone's Spring going so far? What's the weather like where you live? Here in sunny Florida, we are getting the first hot wave! Perfect for hanging out by the pool or beach! ♥ In the past month, I fell in love with a couple of beauty products! They are the true BOMBS so I wanted to be so kind and share them with you, so you can enjoy their amazing effects too! I'm always searching for great new cosmetic products! Although, when I find the one that works perfectly, I usually stick with it for a couple of months or even years... Even if I'm continually using another product, my faves are always there when I need them!

The first new obsession of mine is the whole set of JOICO - Blonde Life hair products! When I got them in the mail, I got so excited, that I used them the same day! Impressed by the wonderful smell and loved how my hair felt like when I used the Brightening Shampoo & Conditioner! The other day, I put on the Brightening Masque that's a part of the line as well and O-M-G! I left it on for probably about 30 minutes (knowing that you're not supposed to leave it that long, but can't help it sometimes - I want the best effect!) - and my chemically treated hair felt brand new, super silky and healthy! Yas, JOICO, you got that #BlondeLife right! ♥ Special tip: When you have your mask treatment on, try brushing your hair, I feel like you get the product deeper into your hair and it will feel so smooth and soft when you wash it off! You can get it HERE!
This miraculous product is my new go-to! I got a couple of them so I keep them in each of my bags as my hands get dry every single day, no matter what climate I live in! Whether warm Florida or cold New York in the winter, I'll always make sure I have this beautifuly thick hand treatment from SKINFIX that immediately relieves the cracked overdried skin on your hands! It absorbs into your hands super quick and your hands are smooth and soft for the whole day, no exaggarations here! Try it for yourself if you suffer from dry hands! You can get it HERE!
Everytime I read an article about 'How to tone my body quick', I realize that having a great firmed butt is unfortunately not only a question of actual working out or eating well! Sometimes you need a support of a good firming body cream! It's not a surprise that I reached for a Murad product in this case. It's a little bit more pricey option out there, but knew it was going to be a safe! I used their acne treatment before and it was the best thing that happened to me in my whole life of dealing with acne! Trust me, this cream will really make your thighs and butt toned in 15 minutes, as the cover on its grey tube promises! I included it in my daily working out routine, and apply it on my legs and butt after the shower! Make sure you massage it well onto your skin in the areas that you're concerned the most about! I'd put my hand in the fire for this cream! Need a bottom-less tube for life please! You can get it HERE!
I simply had to include these products on this blog post, even though it's a guy's cosmetics, and I'm not quite sure how many men are coming to my blog, LOL! The thing is, it makes a wonderful gift for the men in your life! I got the whole FACIAL FUEL cosmetic line from KIEHLS' for my partner for Valetine's Day and he said it's the best stuff he has ever been using on his face! He says it's gentle, it smells great (I approve!) and we can already see the results on his face! This cream does miracles and even takes away bags under the eyes and soothes the skin after shaving! He also got a Facial Fuel Scrub that is not pictured as he keeps it in the shower and it doesn't look photogenic anymore! LOL He probably wouldn't be happy to know I'm secretely using those products for myself, haha! ♥ You can get it HERE!
And what are your recent favorite products? Feel free to share your thoughts below this post! XO ♥

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  1. I love Joico products, I used them for so many years, they had some of the best holding ability ... It's great to hear your weather has warmed up there... send a little my way please... our winter is holding on for a bit too long xox


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