The Perfect Beach Day ♥

When we headed to the beach last time, I was SO hoping that the water will be already warm! I even packed my swimsuit! Ummmm, nope! March is just a raw start of the beach season here. It's getting warmer from now on, and May is probably the best month to start hitting the beach if you're a spoiled Floridian like myself! (: The sun rays here are never-ending, but the ocean is actually cold druing our Winter! Brrr! I decided to take out my very new addition to my closet, this gorgeous tie-dye romper by Winston White! It was a little windy and chilly, but we still managed to do a couple of pics. In fact, get ready for a billion pictures, my ♥ did a great job! (Thanks, babe!) We also flew our DJI Phantom Drone for the first time so that was super fun! You can watch my vlog below!

And what do you have to love about this time of the year? There are zero clouds in the sky and it creates the perfect blue skies all the time! In combination with the blue ocean, this makes a very photogenic combo! Because we went to just relax on the beach, I didn't over-do my make up neither put any jewelry on except hat & sunnies! After losing my bracelet on the beach before (oh, bummer!), I keep it very simple when hanging out in the sand! I hope you have a fabulous new week! Let me know if you're planning any exciting Summer vacation this year! XO
Tie-dye romper - Winston White, straw hat  - HatAttack, mirror sunnies - Missguided.

I did a mini vlog on this day too! ♥

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  1. OMG, I miss the beach so much. I would love to go there :)

  2. I want to be there now! looks so lovely :)


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