Mixed Metals & Maxi ♥

Happy Friday! ♥ What are your guys plans for the weekend? I hope you will get to relax & revive the body & soul! Here I am with a new outfit post as I promised! This time, I went for an edgy twist on a classic floral maxi dress! It might naturally seem like a super romantic & innocent piece, but you can easily make it 'something more' just by adding these bad-to-the-bone pointed Guess booties (I bough them last year and I haven't gotten to wear them until now! Eeeek!) and faux black leather jacket! That always does the trick! Putting on a black lace choker was a sure step to finish the whole look, plus my lovely friend Brittany (who also took these pictures - thank you!) made this super cute bun from my hair! ♥ I'm ready to rock this style!

When I was younger, I've always played by the fashion rule, that you are NOT supposed to mix metals! You either wear gold or silver in one outfit! I don't know who set this prejudice into my head but the older I get, the more B.S. it seems to be LOL (pardon my French!). I think it's super cool to mix silver and gold, and so I did it in this look - black leather jacket with silver hardware, and my favorite plum color crossbody with gold hardware. Because... why the hell not? ♥ If you notice some fallen trees in the background of these photos, it's sadly the hurricane Irma aftermath that wasn't taken care of yet. There was a lot of damage, it's kind of out of control still, and might take a long time to clean up everything! Have a peaceful weekend, my friends! XO

Faux leather jacket - Burlington, white off-shoulder floral maxi dress - BangGood (watch my try on haul video HERE), black pointed high booties - Guess, plum crossbody - She+Lo, lace choker - gift.

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  1. You look beautiful rocking that floral print off-shoulder front split beach maxi-dress from Banggood!!! I love the floral print, the ruching on the bodice and sleeves and the over-all look of the dress! The outfit photos Brittany took are beautiful! The locale for your outfit photos looks pretty as well!


  2. Wonderful look!

    My new blog...


  3. Suzy, you look so pretty... I like the dress on you, it looks lovely xox I like how you paired it with a jacket xox

    I hope everything was okay in your home after the horrible storm... I am so happy to be back to blogging and catching up with everyone xox

  4. Being truly stylish and trendy in the way you appear is what puts you apart from the masses. And of course who wouldn't want to be popular. Love the look, your just killing it.

  5. Lady, you are divine. A beautiful dress, boots, a leather bag and a jacket.

  6. Lady, you are divine. A beautiful dress, boots, a leather bag and a jacket.


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