Stylenanda Sweatshirt

Hello my loves! ♥ It's almost February 2018 and I can't keep up with how quickly time flies! I feel like it was just Christmas like a week ago! I hope you all had a fabulous end of the year and that this year will be a great one for all of us! I'm sorry I didn't get to wish you a Happy New Year here on my blog yet! I've been busy on my other platforms like YouTube, Twitter or Instagram the most. I tried taking some blog pics with my new tripod that I got for Christmas, but it just wasn't the same like when an actual human (talented one) takes your pics. So I waited until I could finally meet up with my lovely friend to take a few pics and revive this blog again! Thank you so much Brittany! ♥
You probably know I'm obsessed with Japanese & Korean fashion. I've been eyeing a couple of Stylenanda sweatshirts for like years! I never decided to order as it's pretty expensive, plus I didn't know the fit. Also shipping is $20 unless you spend $200 (I think) and then it's free... It was just too many questions for me to make a decision and risk it. I kind of knew their clothes is amazing because I watch a couple of YouTubers who buy their stuff though. Then I finally found a Poshmark app, searched Stylenanda in there and found this barely worn oh-so-amazing sweatshirt that looks and fits just like a dream! Do you guys use the app? I feel like it was such a good deal to get this piece for $13 + $6.49 shipping! Hope you have a wonderful new week! XO

Sweatshirt - Stylenanda, denim - Cello Jeans, black marble gorilla backpack - Oribagu, sneakers - Adidas Stan Smith, star choker - SammyDress, Henley-style white top - H&M, silver mirror sunnies - Romwe.

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  1. Happy New Year to you as well!!!
    You look absolutely adorable in all of the photos Brittany took of you!!!
    I have never used a Poshmark
    app and hadn't heard of Stylenanda, but I love the colours of the print on the sweatshirt you got from there!


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