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 This Fall is in the name of minimalism for me. I never thought I'd get to this point, but I fancy black and white color in my wardrobe the most. Almost to the point that I don't even buy other color items anymore. I might do denim, gray, or a pop of color occasionally, and I still wear some of my old stuff of course, which isn't necessarily in the Yin Yang color scheme, but yeah - this became me and I became this. Same with unused items in my home - I'm selling it, donating it, throwing it away. Decluttering. Wondering why? Well, I just recently thought this - Do you know how many times I had to start over? Meaning moving houses, states, continents? I realized that I was usually able to fit my life in one or two big baggages and that was it. Sure I left some stuff behind that I'm sad about, but generally, these things were not essential to my life, they were replaceable. I was able to live with whatever I had in these two luggages. Us human beings don't need much. I love me some fashion pieces, don't get me wrong. But if you saw my wardrobe these days, you'd be maybe shocked, maybe proud. I legit got rid of so many things, I sold some on Vinted, and for the money I bought new (for me) second-hand clothes there (yes, black or white) that I adore and ACTUALLY wear. I value quality over quantity. Recycling became a fun obsession of mine and I will keep doing that as long as I enjoy it. With that being said, when I'm shopping for clothes after I see some inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest (something that I really want), first I look on the websites or in the shops with used items, and only if I can't find it, I buy a new one. This is my new philosophy. And it's so rewarding to find a good deal too.

Just gonna leave this here asa form of entertainment... what even is this? Can't wait for the suggestions in the comments! πŸ˜…

Here are some things that I've been eyeing recently (not just clothes). It's more of a mood board if you will. Let me know what you personally adore these days, I'm very curious! Have a fab weekend! XO Zuzana πŸ’«

1. Books! Everything I Know About Love, The Fountainhead, The Inner Work. I've been wanting to read so many books but it is sometimes hard for me to get them here, since I prefer reading in English. All these were recommended to me by my good friends and I believe they could be life changing. Paying it forward.
2. Yeezy slides. All I heard about these slides is that they are the most comfortable shoes ever. Plus I just love their simple yet unique shape. I'd wear them at home all the time and out in the Summer. Might wanna get them sometimes in the near future.
3.  Reusable vintage analog camera. I've been enjoying taking pics on analog camera when I was in Greece this year. It was a single-use camera and we got it developed right after the holiday. I've nearly forgotten how exciting it is to wait for a film to be actually seen. Try it, it's definitely something that spices up any event or vacation. For the future plans, I'm considering buying a reusable one for sure.
4. National Geographic teeI would honestly get ANY NG t-shirt. I've been eyeing a few items on Vinted for just a couple of bucks. Hopefully I can decide soon whether I want white or black color. πŸ˜‚
5. Dr.Martens boots. Their shoes are super versatile. I have an older thrifted pair that I definitely got the most out of, but it's slowly coming to an end. It has a rip on the side so when it rains, my socks are wet. No bueno. Next pair I'm gonna get will probably be this Jadon pair on a higher platform, polished look. Aren't they stunning?
6. Fresh Balsam candle. My Fall and Winter go-to candle! I could not imagine my Christmas season without Fresh Balsam. I'm so happy that I'm able to shop this fresh forest wood smelling candle here in Europe, because if I wasn't, I would seriously consider flying to America to get one! Smells like real Christmas!
7. Fishnet tights. I don't know, I'm kinda digging this fishnet pair of tights. I recently got a black skater skirt and I think it would look amazing paired with it, plus Martens shoes of course. All black is the new black you guys.
8. Vintage brown leather jacket. This one caught my eye. If you're a 90's kid - Well, hello! Our mom use to wear one when we were little. I remember the smell of leather every  time she took it out of the closet. Maybe she still has it! I should totally ask her before I shop! 
9. Coin necklace. When I was in Mykonos, Greece, there were so many cute little shops with hand made jewelry. I saw a few pieces that I enjoyed, but I didn't end up getting one. Maybe I should have, to support local artist. Hopefully next time. I don't really care what's on it, I really like this foxy one... but I will honestly just probably wait for when I either find a nice old fashioned coin pendant in an antique shop.
10. Hope Macaulay knit hat. One of my newest obsessions is with this whole Irish brand vibe. They do colorful hand made knit stuff and I would love to get one piece at some point. What a nice pop of color would it be in my boring two color wardrobe now! πŸ˜‚ Their hats are adorable, oh and their sweaters! I guess you can be on a waiting list for some of their items as everyone wants them and some of them are made to order, and it's legit hand made and must take forever to make! But I'd wait forever for such amazing stuff, totally worth it!

This year's Mr. Pumpkin. πŸŽƒ I did too much practice in the past years, carving of this one only took me about 25 minutes. You can hire me next year ahaha.

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  1. Mr. Pumpkin looks wonderfully lifelike and fierce!
    Your mood board / wishlist features a delightful assortment of goodies!!!!!!
    I love your taste! That long yellow "what even is this" certainly stimulates my imagination.
    Maybe it's some sort of stimulator?
    There isn't an eye / camera in the fat end of it is there?

  2. I love the cute, colorful bucket hat!! My fave!!


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