Fun & Playful in Mykonos

I was amazed as much as you are seeing this when I made this colorful purchase before my Greece getaway. I thought that except my black and white stuff, I should, at least for once, give a shot to the colors of rainbow. No color limits for your vacation wardrobe! 😌 This top was brand new with a tag when I bought it on this vintage website with used clothes. I anticipated a bit oversized look (got myself a Medium). I was lucky, and it was meant to be. Needless to say, these photos with Aeagan sea in the background would not have the same vibe if I wasn't wearing exactly what I'm wearing.

Somehow, this outfit describes exactly how I felt inside on this wonderful off season escape. So happy to be free, travelling, getting to know a new culture, breathing in the fresh beach air. I felt like a newborn and teenage girl mixed, hard to find words really. October was actually already quite chilly by the sea on this Greek island and I could probably write a whole novel about the unceasing wind we caught just for the week we were visiting (of course😅), but we still got the best out of it. We rented a stylish white Jeep and explored the whole Mykonos island, literally every corner of it, every viewpoint and every reef. It was a great week and I'd love to dedicate a whole blog post to Mykonos, Greece in my TRAVEL section, just hang in there, I'll be working on it as we speak. Hope you had a well spent Sunday. XO Zuzana

You can see my red&yellow single-use Kodak analog camera in some of these photos, and some of the photos in this post were taken by it! Enjoy the views! 📸

Vintage H&M jeans, Reserved striped top, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, light green Zara jacket, black tank and grey hoodie thrifted, H&M hair accessory, thrifted sunnies.

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