Back To School

It's funny how japanese girls and ladies wear this kind of a skirt even if they are actually long out of school. I remember walking the Sapporo streets and seeing those super short skirts everywhere. Teenagers and ladies, no matter if raining or snowing - they never give up on it. Not only real students wear these typical checkered skirts and above-knee socks in Japan. I was so impressed by this fashion style that I had to get a skirt and pair of above-knee socks for myself before I left Japan. When I got back to Europe, I wore it together the next day to work, all excited. You wouldn't believe how strange people looked at me - as if I was dirty. And they commented it often. My colleagues (men) liked it of course - LOL, but on the train, I seriously heard some ladies complaining about young generation!

Pink wig from Amazon, Claire's necklace, Tezenis top, creepers from Aliexpress and skirt + above-knee socks from Japan.

How... interesting!? Different cultures, different people. Different fashion and passion! I must say that I used to live in the village but travelled for work to the centre. Sexy outfits are just still 'taboo' somewhere, and close-minded people don't even want to understand the whole fashion thing. That's why I love travelling. You get to know more, you realize there's more to life, you get out of your bubble and find out that somewhere it's actually OK to wear sexy stuff and nobody really cares, that it's fine to wear colors and crazy things, mix fashion styles and dress up for ANYTHING you want. You realize who you really can be and who you want to be! Because the place where you were born doesn't have to be a place where you stay stuck your whole life! What I have learned from this culture shock? I just stopped caring what people thought about me and my style. The only thing I take seriously is what comes from my friend's mouths, I take advice from people I trust. Life is too damn short and you can't make everybody happy. Focus on your business and what you want to do in your life. 
This time, we took so many pictures that I wasn't able to decide which one to share with you and which to discard. So, there's going to be a lot of pictures. If you are interested in all of them, just click to see the whole article.
Take care, your Suzy

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8 komentářů

  1. "Life is too damn short and you can't make everybody happy. Focus on your business and what you want to do in your life." - INDEED!!! Completely agreed with this!

    And the picture #5 is fabulous! You look fabulous :^)

    Have a perfect day!


  2. ty jsi kočka, Zuzi♥ a přesně, ať si každý myslí co chce, hlavně že ty se cítíš dobře :)

  3. Jsi úžasná! Skvělé fotky. :*

  4. Nice combination, this skirt is so pretty!:)

    Autumn in Neverland

  5. That pink wig really suits you! :) And the whole outfit makes you look like Japanese/Chinese, they are really good at this outfit ideas. Really nice photos :)

  6. I loved the wig! Not for school, but photoshoots is perfect! Where did you get it? Seller? ^^


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